Buccia Nera Vin Santo

Denominazione di Origine Controllata
Colli dell’Etruria Centrale

GRAPES: Trebbiano 50%, Malvasia 50%.
VINEYARDS: 20-50 years old.
ALTITUDE: 350 -550  mt a.s.l.
TYPE OF SOIL: Medium soil with clay and gravel
ASPECT: South-West
TRAINING SYSTEM: Spurred cordon.
HARVEST TIME: End of September.
WINEMAKING: Manually selected grapes are left to dry for a period of 4 months, at the end of which are pressed intact with a traditional press. The must, dense and rich in sugar is fermented, without control of temperature, inside hermetically closed oak and chestnut barrels. The fermentation, spontaneously induced by yeasts in the caratello, extends for several years.
AGEING: In wood barrels called caratello for 4/5 years, in bottles for 6 months.
ALCOHOL LEVEL: 16,50% vol.
PRODUCTION: 4.000 bottles.
COLOR: Amber with orange reflexes.
NOSE: The nose is intense and complex with notes of dried fruits such as chestnut and hazelnuts, and then leave space to appetizing sweet apples of apricot, fig and raisins and honey
TASTE: In the mouth is very soft and dense, the sensations of sweetness and pseudo-heat are well balanced by acidity. Despite the important residual sugar, the mouth remains clean with a delicious aftertaste of dried fruit.
SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Dry pastries, seasoned cheeses, blue chees, dark chocolate, game.


Vin Santo doc 6 botl x 500 ml