Oil 1

The Mancini family operated an olive oil mill for more than 100 years, but at the end of the twentieth they decided to abandon this activity and dedicate themselves only to the cultivation of olive trees. Today they produce their own olive oil using the best mills in the area.

Oil 2

The oil produced is exclusively Extra Virgin, obtained by means of low temperature mechanical processes to preserve its quality.
The milling process involves crushing, grinding, centrifuging and separating and takes about an hour.

Oil 3

The oil is stored in the winery’s own facilities, in stainless steel containers, under nitrogen and in a temperature controlled environment, allowing its sensory characteristics to be preserved throughout the year.

Oil 4

The olives are harvested manually in October, when maturation is not yet complete, and milled within 12 hours to retain a very low acidity and to obtain the highest possible The oil has a high amount of peroxides and naturally present vitamin E.


tasting of 2 types: Olio EVO ITALIANO and Olio EVO TOSCANO


TOUR: Monday- Saturday  at 12 am  e   4.30 pm

TIME TOUR: 45 minuti


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