Cosmetics and Sustainability



From an idea linked to the concept of circular economy, understood as a model of production and consumption, RìPARIA was born, a new line of cosmetics inspired by sustainability and a reduced environmental impact.

Research has shown that pomace, i.e. grape skins and seeds, are rich in polyphenols, very precious antioxidants, which slow down skin aging by counteracting the action of free radicals.

From this idea and from the collaboration with an important Italian laboratory, the RìPARIA line of cosmetics was born, which has three products: a face cream, a moisturizing body cream and a face-body scrub.

Discover Rìparia by Buccia Nera.
Circular Economy, Natural Cosmetics and quality of polyphenols.

RìPARIA by Buccia Nera was born from the awareness of the value of all raw materials and from respect for the territory. Within a company it is possible to exploit one's own resources, even those deriving from production waste, such as for example the residues of the vini?cation of our grapes: the pomace.

Until today we have exploited their potential to fertilize our land, which remains a prime example of self-sufficiency and sustainability, but thanks to research and new technologies the pomace can be destined for another, new life. a.

Natural cosmetics Riparia by Buccia Nera

RìPARIA creams combine the renowned properties of polyphenols, contained in the Sangiovese pomace and in the Grapeseed oil, to ingredients such as Ginseg extract, Hyaluronic Acid and almond and Argan oil, which allow you to have hydrated, regenerated, elastic and velvety skin.

RìPARIA is a line of products with natural bases, free from allergens, parabens and silicones, also suitable for the most sensitive skins.