The experiences offered in our cellar are not simple tastings, but an opportunity to discover a territory and its traditions, to taste new flavors and learn tasting techniques, to get to know us, our history and our wines.

Our mission is to entertain you and increase your knowledge.

The Three Chianti Wines

The tasting of the Three Chiantis is a tasting aimed at discovering Sangiovese, the most famous varietal in the world in one of its most famous Denominations, Chianti

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The four colors

As its name indicates, this tasting is aimed at appreciating four completely different wines, as well as their origins and their vinification methods

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The Selection

In "The Selection" we have enclosed our greatest challenges

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The Vintage Selection

"The Vintage Selection" tasting born to keep a good look to the past

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Two Crus of Evo Oil compared

Two organic Evo Oils produced with olives from different hills with different altitudes and exposures

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Walking in the vineyard, eating outdoors in the shade of a tree or in the sun among the rows. Live it as you like and take your time

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