The Cellar



In 2004 our first cellar made only of concrete barrels was replaced with a modern and functional structure where steel, wood and concrete coexist, equipped with technological devices that are of fundamental importance for making natural organic wines with few sulphites.

A cellar able to welcome all our grapes and age our wines where we can complete the entire cycle from grape to bottle.

The cellar is the place where we give life to all our wines through spontaneous fermentations and natural sedimentations dictated by time, without resorting to forced clarifications and stabilisations, the place where the wines are not manipulated, but followed and accompanied with awareness.

In our production we find young and smooth wines, highly enjoyable, fresh and easy to drink, vinified in steel and cement to preserve characteristics of youth and freshness.

The main production of the cellar is dedicated to Chianti, which according to aging and refinement is declined into three types: Chianti DOCG, Chianti Superiore DOCG and Chianti Riserva DOCG.

There is no shortage of great red wines that our land can give us, those that need more time and aging in wood to reach the right degree of evolution, complexity and maturity of the tannin.

We love to be custodians of traditions. For this reason, a Vinsantaia - Vinsanto aging space - could not be missing in the Cellar, the place dedicated to the long aging of this sweet wine, symbol of Tuscany.