Monday, February 6, 2023


OneTime Box

📣 Let's start 2023 with a good news!
EVERY MONTH, you will find a special "ONETIME BOX" on our WINE CLUB a selection of our products dedicated to the different periods of the year or to special occasions.
Each month the OneTime Box will remain available online for purchase for only two weeks from our newsletter and publication on our Social channels!
Stay tuned!
The OneTime Box of the month will have a discounted price and no purchase limits for both our loyal wine club members and new ones and you can buy it 1-2-3 times in the valid period...

January's OneTime Box:

The Winter Wines
January's OneTime Box: 🍂 The winter wines is dedicated to a selection of our full-bodied, warm, big, red wines… Wines capable of warming body and mind, even on the coldest winter days!
This OneTime Box contains 6 bottles of 750 ml:
2 bottles of Tenuta di Campriano Chianti Riserva 2018
2 bottles of PA'RO Rosso Igt Toscana 2019
2 bottles of Sassocupo Chianti Superiore 2020
The OneTime Box “The winter Wines” can be purchased online from 15 to 29 January
Discover now the details of the offer in our Wine Club